Friday the 13th at FOT!

Join us here at FOT for a special Friday the 13th event on 1/13/17!  This will be our only Friday the 13th event of 2017.  We’ll be open 7-11pm for our FULL SHOW! Get your tickets ahead of time and save $2.00 off of regular admission. Or buy them at the ticket office when you arrive for full price.
FREE WRISTBANDS will be handed out to all guests.  Get here early to make sure to get yours before our supply runs out.  No charge for parking.
Patrons are advised to DRESS WARMLY.  There is no heat out in the old factory, so whatever temperature it is outside, it won’t be much warmer inside.  Sometimes it winds up feeling even colder for some strange reason.  Maybe it’s all the evil spirits that reside within.  We’ll have hot chocolate, cider, and coffee for sale, but you can’t bring your drinks into the shows themselves.
We hope to see all you lovely people in a few weeks!