Offseason at FOT

Many people wonder what goes on at a haunted house when it’s not Halloween haunting season. Here at FOT, at least, haunting is a year-round undertaking.

What are we doing right now, you ask?  It’s not as busy as usual right now, seeing as how Christmas and New Year’s are near.  But, we have been busy with a lot of planning for next season for FOT and for our newly acquired Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted Laboratory.  We’re so excited with what we hope to have in store for you.

We’ve also been busy with our escape room series, Escape Canton.  So many wonderful customers have been coming in to attempt our six exciting rooms, why don’t you join them?  Book your adventure today and/or buy some gift certificates at

Upcoming for us in the new year, January begins the haunting convention season, with HauntCon 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.  We’ll then be attending the granddaddy of all haunt conventions, Transworld, around St. Patrick’s Day in St. Louis, Missouri.  Culminating with the Midwest Haunters Convention in May in Columbus, Ohio.  Here at these conventions we get a lot of our ideas, cool animations, and other great technology that makes our industry so fun.  Most importantly, however, we get to hang out with all of our fellow haunters, some of the greatest people in the world.

Keep checking our Facebook, and also this site, for exciting news regarding a certain Friday in January here at FOT.  You may or may not be seeing us soon. 😉