The Factory of Terror, located in Canton, Ohio, is one of the LARGEST INDOOR HAUNTED HOUSES IN THE WORLD, recognized by Guinness World Records three times for this achievement. This enormous haunt is more than a mile long and consists of five unique spine-chilling attractions1300 Lost Souls, Industrial Nightmare, Lafayette 13, Massacre on Mahoning, and The Abyss. To take advantage of every minute, talented actors and performers are scattered throughout the queue lines to entertain patrons as they anxiously await to enter each attraction.

Before entering the massive building, guests will have the opportunity to buy liquor and beer at the “Carnevil” Bar. After the first queue, patrons will be able to stop for another quick refreshment at “Poison Ivy’s” Greenhouse Bar. Halfway through the heart-pounding tour, patrons will be able to visit the midway, “French Quarter at the Factory.” Here, guests can take a breather and enjoy libations at “Forsaken Bar on Bourbon” with their friends while being transported into Bourbon Street and the French Quarter of New Orleans. This exciting area allows timid patrons time to calm down, regroup, and gather their courage to continue on to our final spine-tingling attractions.  NEW FOR 2023 ~ Party in the new “Fear Fair Back Alley” dance club

Not only do we have some of the most HIGHLY DETAILED AND ELABORATE SETS in the haunt industry, but the Factory of Terror also employs over 130 actors and staff, in addition to more than 500 of the industry’s scariest monsters and high-tech animatronics. The Factory of Terror strives to keep up with current product developments in the industry as well as the trends of the culture, both of which are reflected in the guests’ experience.

Exit the final attraction will direct patrons to the jaw-dropping “One Eyed Jack’s” Pirate Bar. In this area, guests can kick back and relax with some drinks, visit the food truck, and dance while browsing our gift shop:  The SCREAM SHOP at the Factory of Terror. There you will find FOT, Halloween, and horror pop culture merchandise. Such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, socks, home decoration items, plushies, and SO MUCH MORE!



Before you make your way into our massive attraction, stop off at the “Carnevil” Bar, located in our Midway. Featuring devilishly delicious cocktails & shots with a circus flair, and a few creepy clowns to haunt your nightmares.


Between our official photo op and the first attraction, you’ll find the 21+ bar, Poison Ivy’s.  Head into our luscious greenhouse and enjoy one of our specialty tequila-focused cocktails and shots. Beware of her poison, she can get a little dangerous.


Your journey begins in the 1300 Lost Souls, filled with the crazy and the quirky.


Industrial Nightmare showcases and brings to life dangerous details from the original factory, while taking you to a time in history that cared very little about safety and security. It is Industrial Nightmare that truly reflects the industrialism and terror that makes this haunt so unique.


Make your way through this nightmare on the bayou as the swamp begins to overtake the area, creating horrific creatures that lurk throughout.


Once you leave the terror of Lafayette 13, you’ll be transported to the lively FRENCH QUARTER of New Orleans. Before you continue on to our last 2 houses, experience all that NOLA flavor as you catch your breath, dance to some fun music in the FEAR FAIR BACK ALLEY, and indulge in some adult beverages (!!!) on Bourbon Street! See our representations of famous NOLA landmarks like Preservation Hall, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, Reverend Zombie’s Voodoo Shop, and other French Quarter architecture. Also, look around for our informational plaques to learn a little bit more about each part of this attraction. Then head into Forsaken Bar on Bourbon to sample our signature drinks and shots!


NEW for 2023!  Visit the FEAR FAIR BACK ALLEY dance club area right off of Bourbon Street in our French Quarter area.  Tucked back into a hidden alley, you’ll find a lively space featuring an AMAZING new led dance floor.  Come in, dance your butt off, and see our tribute to the legendary DJ Fear and his beloved attraction:  Fear Fair.



You’ll love to visit our FULL BAR with beer and liquor. Grab some snacks & drink at our full bar! Featuring beer & liquor, as well as our signature cocktails & shots.

We will be ID’ing EVERYONE. Please drink responsibly.


Walter and Wilma Winters are seemingly a lovely, innocent old couple.  However, visit them at their large 19th-century-era home and you’ll soon learn that there is more than meets the eye with these kindly old folks. Walter and Wilma have a dark secret and have taken radical steps over the years to hide this secret. You see, Walter & his unassuming wife have a bit of a taste for blood. Their humble home has become a bit of a museum of the sick, twisted terror that the Winters’ have inflicted over the years.  Also, it’s become a home for the most despicable people in the area, all who assist Walter & Wilma in their evil plans. They keep trophies of their kills, and if you dare to visit their home, you just might end up as a permanent fixture in their halls of horrors.

Especially if you fail to escape their newest trap… a mind-bending mirror maze sure to bewilder every guest.



Be transported into a murky swamp, a pitch-black maze, and then to the deep ocean towards a far-away port where you’ll have a run-in with undead pirates.


As you exit our last attraction, take a trip on a PIRATE SHIP to One-Eyed Jack’s Pirate Bar.  Rum-based cocktails and shots greet you, along with a few surprises and delights.



Guests 21+ will have the option to end their night with a visit to BULLSEYES AXE BAR.  A full bar located within our axe throwing venue – All American Axe Throwing. The signature drinks and shots of the haunt will not be available at this bar, but All American Axe Throwing has their own set of Signature Drinks for you to enjoy.

Axe throwing is NOT included. But, you can watch axe throwing customers throw, and you can book a lane yourself (up to 10 minutes before you want to throw) online at 2 hour two-target DIGITAL PROJECTION lanes are available at 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 pm, and 1-hour one-target lanes are available throughout the night as well. Availability is not guaranteed, weekends are very busy. Reservations are required.


We’ve turned our exit merchandise stand into a full-fledged walk-through GIFT SHOP! More gifts & merchandise than ever before. Brand new FOT merchandise along with non-branded pop culture gifts & decor. You’ll love exploring the ScreamShop.