What’s Happening at FOT?

Hey, guys & ghouls!  It’s been quite a while since we added an entry to our FOT Terror Times Blog.  So happy to get to talk to all of our fans once again.

What has been happening at FOT this year?  Well, the short and sweet answer is A LOT!  You may have seen the Facebook Live hosted by our owner, John, where he gave a tour and overview of current goings on at the Factory.   If not, you should check it out!

The long answer is that we are currently working on many different projects inside good ‘ole Winters Foundry building at 4125 Mahoning. This includes infrastructure work on roofing, electric, and more.  There have been lots of things torn out, soon to be either moved or replaced.  Plans have been drawn up, materials have been ordered, and things are being painted.  We’re SO excited for you to see what we have in the works.

Our overall plans are most likely a bit too ambitious for us to complete for you for 2022, however, they’ll definitely be completed a little more for you over the next couple of years.

There is always a lot going on behind the scenes at a large haunted attraction.  It’s never dull. The general thought seems to be that we all show up in August/September, leave in November then go on our merry way the rest of the year.  That is certainly not the case.  We have a full-time staff of 10 or so between FOT and the Akron Haunted Schoolhouse & Lab that go back and forth doing all sorts of different tasks for both attractions.

Our goal is always to improve the experience for our customers, in every aspect.  Whether it’s the ticket-buying process, concessions, bars, queue lines, parking, the gift shop, or first and foremost… the haunted house itself.  Everything we’re doing at the Factory of Terror currently is to that effect.

We plan to do more blogs leading up to and throughout the season.  Also, we’re on TikTok!  Follow us there to see some exclusive behind the scenes footage.