2019 F.O.T. Pre-Application

The Factory of Terror is now hiring for all PAID positions for the 2019 Halloween season.

    • Please first complete the pre-application below
    • Then we will ALSO need you to attend one of our Hiring Event days for interviews & auditions (you do not need to attend BOTH, just one. And you do not need to attend the entire 6 hours):
      • Saturday, August 24 ~ Noon-6pm
      • Sunday, August 25 ~ Noon-6pm
      • Report to the Gray Door at the top of the stairs in the red-painted area inside the double gates off of Cliftmont Ave.  DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, report to the escape room/axe throwing entrance.
    • All applicants must be at least 18-years old.


    • All new employees are paid Ohio Minimum Wage ($8.55) to start.
    • Actors are required to report to work NO LATER than 1 hour prior to opening to allow for makeup application and wardrobe, and may be required to work well past the listed closing time, depending on how busy we are.
      • Friday & Saturday OPEN hours (NOT work hours, see above):  7pm-Midnight ~ Except Friday 9/13, which is 8-11pm
      • Sunday OPEN hours (NOT work hours, see above):  6-9pm
      • Halloween OPEN hours (NOT work hours, see above):  8-11pm
    • All other employees must report to work NO LATER than 30 minutes prior to opening, some positions will require arrival 1 hour or more before opening.
    • Not all employees will be required to work for the Friday, September 13th Glowstick Night.  Those who are will be notified between hiring and the 13th.

Please direct any further questions to

2019 F.O.T. Pre-Application
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Will you be available Friday, Sept. 13 and also Fri - Sunday beginning Sept. 21st - Nov. 2nd, 2019? *
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