The ones brave enough to adventure a real nightmare are the visitors of the Factory of Terror. We’ve created a new standard for all Halloween attractions with the wicked, unimaginable combination of elaborate animations and overbearing rampant factory providing over an hour of stressing every sensory nerve in your body. Many of our victims have been overwhelmed by the 160,000 square foot abandoned factory that we occupy, and have failed the simple task of entering the front doors of the “World’s Longest Haunted House!”

The Asylum

Your journey begins in the Asylum, filled with the crazy and the cooky, also containing the first mirror maze constructed for the Halloween season in the United States. This perfectly engineered reflective nightmare completely absorbs your mind, warping your commitment to the belief “seeing is believing”.

Many customers revisit this attraction to “figure out the secrets” and with each visit, they become a victim to their own minds searching for a grip on reality as their crossed-eyes lead their lost souls deeper into confusion.

Industrial Nightmare

If the mirrors decide to savor your mind, you’ll have to survive the Industrial Nightmare, filled with the dangerous and unique features from the original factory used to attack victims from every angle testing your nerve, guts, and instincts.

Labyrinth Of Darkness

Have you ever been through a maze? What about been in the dark? Well here’s the best of both with the Labyrinth Of Darkness. Full of dark ghouls of horror, you’ll find yourself lost and confused when you’re thrown into the wild long corridors of black. The creatures of the night aren’t the only thing you have to worry about – you may just end up shocked at what you find.

Massacre on Mahoning

After you experience the horrendous adventures in the dark, you come to the unsettling sight of the Massacre on Mahoning. You’re probably wondering, why is there a mansion in middle of a factory? When the aluminum foundry was unable to turn a profit, founder Mr. Terniz refused to give up.

Convinced the workers were to blame for his losses, Mr. Terniz built a house in the middle of the production line and moved in. His constant presence was remarkably effective until his mind became unstable and fragile after working such long hours. Using the factory’s own tools and equipment, Mr. Terinz went on a killing spree before building his own personal cemetery confined in the walls of his factory mansion.

A treacherous journey through his mansion will likely produce multiple run-ins with his victims, seemingly alive and real, these creatures persistently search for the cause of their agony.

House of Nightmares

If you aren’t swallowed by Mr. Terinz’ living quarters of doom, you’ll reach the House of Nightmares, which is a literal nightmare. This is where the baddest of the bad are located, filled with blood, guts, and gore. You’ll be left running through the nightmare, whether it’s all in your head or if you can reach the end of all.