The History Of The Factory Of Terror


It all began in an old abandoned factory in Canton, Ohio in 2000 when a group of brothers decided to try out a new hobby – creating a haunted house.

The Factory of Terror originally occupied around 40,000 square feet of space within the long abandoned Hercules Engine Factory on Market Avenue.  Back then we offered two indoor attractions: The Haunted Halls of Hercules and The Labyrinth of Darkness.

In those early days competition was everywhere.  Within a half hour drive there were a half dozen haunted attractions.  It became clear that the FOT needed to do something differently than the rest.

It took creative license, incredible talent, hundreds of man hours, and a twisted imagination to begin to take the Factory of Terror to another level.  Season after season the small crew of designers would make changes and additions and by the mid-2000’s people began driving from incredible distances to experience the attraction they’d heard from their friends.


Shortly after the end of the 2007 season, the entire Hercules complex was sold to investors planning to create a conference center and shopping district of the old plant.  At the beginning of the new year there was much uncertainty as to what exactly would happen to the Factory of Terror.

In early 2008 word began to spread about a bankrupted aluminum foundry on Mahoning Road in Canton.  The building lay dormant for nearly 6 years as the case wound its way thru the court system.  The former company manufactured exhaust and intake manifolds for the automotive industry and the facility was piled full of trash, old machinery, and scrap metal.

The principal owners of the Factory of Terror were able to purchase the entire complex – 160,000 square feet in total – from the bankruptcy court and quickly set to work reconstructing their haunted attraction within its walls.

In a matter of months all of the contents of the Hercules attraction was disassembled, loaded into semi trailers, shipped to the Mahoning road location, and reassembled to create the “new” Factory of Terror.  In late September 2008 the FOT first opened its doors from its present location.


From humble beginnings the Factory of Terror has grown to become a world class haunted attraction.  People drive from hundreds of miles away just to experience our brand of twisted entertainment and Canton has become a destination for horror-entertainment fanatics worldwide.

Every year we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade, remodel, and expand our attraction.  When we’re not scaring you in September and October, we’re visiting trade shows and brainstorming with others in our industry.  We are constantly improving on our design and innovating with new ideas not yet tried.

We’re the proud owner of THREE Guinness World Records for the longest indoor haunted attraction and each season we get a little bigger.  The Factory of Terror currently boasts over one mile of trail that winds you thru a mirror maze, five individual haunted houses, and introduces you to over 130 trained actors – all under one roof.

In addition to our design team and stable of actors, we employ some of the finest makeup artists in the world.  Over the years we’ve actually developed our own techniques to help us perfect the look of realistic gore.

FOT has become recognized by the haunted attraction industry as the pioneering force in horror entertainment.

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