The Factory Of Terror originated within the walls of the old Hercules Engine Factory on Market Avenue in downtown Canton, Ohio in 2000.

We relocated in 2008 to our present location in an abandoned aluminum foundry which once manufactured exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds (engine parts) for the automobile industry. The raw/scrap aluminum was melted, cast, and machined at this facility. Some of the parts produced at this facility are showcased in various parts of the attraction. The entire facility consists of 150,000 square feet of manufacturing/warehouse space as well as 10,000 square feet of office space. The facility is situated on 7.5 acres of property.

Ohio’s largest haunted house consumes approximately 55,000 square feet of the overall facility. The Factory of Terror also uses the former office and sales showrooms for makeup, costume, corporate offices, actor rooms, training, VIP rooms, control and surveillance rooms. The former employee entrance and guard house has been converted into the attraction’s ticket booth. Each year, it takes about 130 people to operate the Factory of Terror. This includes fire and police support as well as actors, make-up artists, ticket takers, and custodial staff.